Meera Allen

Meera Allen is an Australian based MC, singer, dancer, songwriter, yogini and fine artist. A lifelong vegetarian committed to daily meditation practice, Meera is passionate about music, yoga and inner harmony. She loves sharing her peaceful, energetic presence and the stories of her fascinating guests, in the process empowering her audience to create a more holistic life and discover new music.

On her Bondi Beach Radio show, “Manifesting Destiny,” Meera interviews a range of guests; from musicians to physicists, nutritionists, healers, yoga experts, spiritual gurus – any truth seeker looking to elevate humanity and inspire wellbeing in others. She not only shares their stories, each guest pick ten songs – making Meera’s show a joyful exploration of musical worlds and new schools of thought. She starts each show with a yoga nidra, transporting the listener into a new headspace in the process. Subscribe on iTunes.

Over the last decade Meera has travelled extensively. A trip to an ashram in India enriched her yoga practice. Starting a Brazilian capoeira academy in Sydney deepened her connection to the physical body and the power of music and dance. Meera teaches a range of yoga styles from people with autism to a strong Hatha practice.

Beyond her bi-weekly health and wellbeing show on Bondi Beach Radio, Meera sings, performs and writes music. She is a powerful performer who has appeared at a range of events, from corporate events to music festivals and health & wellbeing retreats. She also teaches private clients yoga, healing and astrology and hosts a YouTube channel exploring the movements of the Moon.