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Manifesting Destiny Radio with Mardi Kendall

On this week’s episode of Meera’s Manifesting Destiny radio show, Meera spoke to Mardi Kendall, the director of EcoGuinea and a gifted yoga practitioner with more than 40 yearas of experience. Listen to the show below.

With EcoGuinea, Mardi has dedicated her energy to help the people of Guinea (West Africa) to develop an integrated and holistic approach to the issues most critical to the inhabitants of the region: sewage, water, power, housing and small food production (permaculture) in order to help them build a synergistic and healthy community. She also shared her favourite songs on this week’s episode.

Manifesting Destiny Radio is a fortnightly radio show broadcast on Bondi Beach Radio on Sundays at 10am. Listen on iTunes.


Manifesting Destiny on Bondi Beach Radio

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